Born in 2008 from the necessity of wanting a better soap for our family & friends. Iron Lion Soap was born in our small home office in Irvine California.

Just a short year later in 2009, Iron Lion Soap was established & had grown to be enjoyed by everyone who comes across a bar. Outgrowing the office upstairs in our home, the natural move was to the garage.

Since the beginning, all of our products have been formulated with all natural time-tested ingredients and use only the highest of quality essential oils, known to have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. Every single formula is handcrafted to smell great, and keep you klean.

In 2015, we yet again outgrew our small home garage and moved into The Lion's Den, our global headquarters in Santa Ana, California still just minutes from where it all started. 

Here at iron lion soap we encourage a healthy body and mind starting with your skin, the first line of protection from infection and disease. Once you have tried our products and experienced the klean feeling, you never use store bought soap again.

Real People Making Real Klean Soap.


We stand behind the soaps we make!

Not only with the promise of having the most wholesome & natural ingredients, but also the best customer service in the business.