We have a 2-year-old who has very sensitive skin and recently had eczema on his legs and diaper area. He was so uncomfortable that he would scratch until he bled and often wake in the middle of the night because he was uncomfortable. We were told that T2 could help with the itching so we decided to give it a try. After 4 nights of using T2 to bathe our 2-year-old the rash was gone and so was the itching. We are now only using T2 on him and it's been 2 months of relief for our baby. We are so thankful that we didn't have to use medication and were able to manage it with something natural. - George S.

Iron Lion soap is one of those rare companies that not only has a product that speaks for itself, employees are more than happy to speak to their customers as well. I have to say I bought two arsenals and a large bottle of the liquid lion as my first purchase. I spoke to a gentleman named Avi and he was more than helpful and answered any questions I had, this alone made me feel very comfortable doing business with Iron Lion.Chris S.

I started using ILS after a trip to Seattle. I was given a sample bar at Gracie Barra HQ by the ILS team and thought "Hey, I'll give it a shot, I already use tea tree oil soap, why not…". So I fly up to Seattle, do some work, I'm in my hotel and I bust out the soap, shower it up and head out of my room. I enter the elevator exiting the hotel when three women get in with me. These women are STUNNING. I am not so much stunning as I am MAGNIFICENTLY AVERAGE. Here's how I know to use ILS; they all start asking me what that smell is, one of the women smells me, and says "what are you wearing, you smell delicious…". I wasn't wearing any cologne. I was wearing ILS on my skin. Boom. Now, I'm not an attractive guy, I'm just your average rough and tumble brown fellow with a mean kimura from side control and a patchy beard but ILS changed my steaze. Here is how I know it wasn't a fluke; this happened again. Another female wouldn't stop smelling my hair just one week ago! ( I use ILS as shampoo as well ) Further confirming my belief in this soap was the fact that my roommate just came back from working on a a tugboat in Alaska, used my soap, and now he's a fan and only wants to use ILS. Aside from my need to stay clean and safe from the dangers of ringworm and the associated funguses involved in rolling on mats and training jiujitsu I'm also pretty pumped on the effects the soap has on women. I also like supporting good people who have a true passion for creating a handmade quality product. Be careful wearing this in elevators. - Ajay N.

Ok so I've been using your product for a week and it has been all positive. The smell is fantastic on the OneOne7, actually received unsolicited feedback from an older woman(not flirting just telling me the truth) that I work with that told me "what ever it is you've switched to it has made your aroma delightful." I think she thought it was cologne. I shower a couple times a day do to being in the gym in the am, doing a job where you shower after not before, then training jits, soap goes a long way. So it smells nice, lasts long, now the best part, it rinses off without leaving a residue. You'll either know what I mean or not, but after using this you'll understand the no residue. The added bonus of being anti fungus and staff is a huge plus as well. Throw in the fact that your customer service is fantastic(please when you make it huge don't lose that) and you've got a customer and supporter. My friends and fam will be getting homemade soap gift baskets this X-Mass / Hanauka. - Judge V.

I bought this soap after hearing about it from my friend who trains in the OC. I've been training recently and have had a problem with athletes foot. I love this stuff because it's all Natural, smells great, and my athletes foot is now gone after a week of using ILS.
I can definitely say that I'll never buy any other soap except ILS. The best part is you don't have to train to use this stuff and feel the difference. I gave a bar to my dad, my girlfriend, and my grandparents and they have all say there's nothing like ILS and have placed their orders. Great product! - Israel C.

I was recommend this soap by a friend of mine, when I was talking her about my son's eczema and constant hives. Since starting kindergarten my son's eczema had flared up severely and had a breakout of hives at least once a month, some that would last over a week and would not go away no matter what we tried, prescribed ointments and over the counter remedies. Ever since we started using iron lion soap he has not had not one flare up nor hives!! I am so thankful I was recommended to try it and I'm so happy I did! Even my 5 year old knows the difference, he has told my mom about the soap and how he has had no eczema and even said that the person who makes this soap is really good! He never fails to remind me when bathing him to use his soap, which now we all use. These soaps are just amazing and smell good, leaving your skin feeling clean. I have told many about this soap and recommended them to try it and will continue! Iron lion soap has definitely won me over!- Ashley S.

I love this soap! I use it for my beard and hair as well as all over. My hair and beard have never felt this soft and my skin is as clean as ever. I am very happy with this soap compared to anything I have used in the past. The aroma is wonderful while in use and the smell of the bathroom in general. I leave all the little pieces sent with my bars on my side table next to bed so I can smell it all night. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! - Tony K

My son brought me some of this soap from his Jiu Jitsu gym that he attends. And let me tell you hands down the best shower I've ever had. The soap lathers up nicely, washes of clean, I mean it leaves no feeling of a film whatsoever. And most importantly I feel KLEAN after each and every shower. I don't think I'll ever go back to ordinary soap. - Marc C.

Iron Lion Soap is great! The soaps lather up nicely and smell fantastic! The mOJO is so far my favorite because it’s just so different from any soap I’ve ever used. Plus, they act as a bit of a room fragrance and every time I step into my bathroom — to shower or not — the bathroom smells so nice because I’ve opened these in there. - Herman Y.

Two days after I started using OneOne7, I noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin.

My skin was smoother and baby soft. The acne/bumps/allergy/blemishes that every other product failed to help on my upper arms and chest were completely gone! My feet were softer and less dry. After the first use, I could feel a difference--there was no leftover "film" or residue on my skin. I was nothing but clean. After years of trying every soap and product out there, I've finally found my "IT" soap. It smells wonderful, too. Thank you, Iron Lion. -  Michele C.

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that your soap is working magic! The oneone7 has proven to get rid of my ring worm in about a week or so, and smells delicious! Thank you! 
Before ILS i had been fighting the stupid worm off and on for a greater part of a year, so im looking forward to it keeping me clean on and off the mats! I thank you greatly! - Tim P.

Our friends at Iron Lion asked us to shower with them...

I mean shower with their soap. We got several bars of their signature OneOne7 soap which is a blend of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil with hemp oil, shea butter, and peppermint leaves.

Iron Lion is all hand made and the packaging is pretty unique, our samples were packed very simply in a plain unbleached cardboard box with a sticker and a stamped ingredients list. If you are one of those people who take your own bag to the grocery store to save on waste, you’ll defiantly appreciate this company’s packaging philosophy.

How is it to use?

One of the things we’ve discovered with testing so many soaps is that Eucalyptus oil has a very strong scent. That’s especially true with Iron Lion, and I like the scent so that’s great. If you don’t like the smell though, it might be a bit overpowering. The soap lathers up great, and lasts for quite a while in the shower. I’ve also found that the hand cut rectangle shape is easy to hold onto, especially important if you’re showering in some sort of correctional facility (you know who you are).

The price listed on the website is $5, and I’m going to pick up a few bars of their other varieties and give them a try as well. Defiantly a great product. Proctor & Gamble is doing just fine without my help, I like buying stuff from the small companies that support our sport - so should you!
— http://www.bjjweekly.com/
Recently, four teammates and I have been testing Iron Lion Soap. This simple make of all-natural ingredients for a premiere anti-fungal and anti-bacterial soap has had a profound effect on all of us. With a fantastic smell and revitalizing touch this has become by far my favorite soap to use. We had four others test it as well and the same sentiment was returned. This soap wasn’t like many of the other soaps as it was soft and didn’t leave your skin dried and cracked. Many of the other soaps are based around anti-bacteria and anti-fungal treatments tend to use several chemicals that can actually damage the skin. While Iron Lion Soap is hand crafted using natural ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus to fight bacteria. The quality of each bar is unquestionable and the capabilities far extend any other soap I have used.

Through the course of six months I have been using this soap; my training regimen is usually 12-20+ hours a week and competing once or twice every two months. After every session I would scrub myself down with a product from Iron Lion Soap, and I was greatly satisfied with the results. Never once did I have an infection, Ringworm, or MRSA, and neither did any teammates of mine using this soap. I pride myself in my cleanliness in a sport that can easily distribute infection and skin diseases if you’re not careful. Some of my basic cleaning tactics are washing my Gi after every session, using multiple Gis, scrubbing down after every class, and treating the smallest cuts or abrasion as soon as they happen. But, even when I was doing all this I was still contracting ringworm while using soaps from Dove, Head and Shoulders, Irish Spring, Dial, Old Spice, and many more. These soaps proved to have the brand name but little effect. After these soaps failed I used some “Jiu Jitsu soaps,” and once again I found issue with them as they were ineffective and expensive. I finally turned to using straight tea tree oil, but found my skin becoming extremely dry and irritated. I don’t use anything else but Iron Lion Soap now, and the choice to do so has kept me safe and on the mats more frequently.

Iron Lion Soap

This soap was created by a father and son to assist with their Jiu Jitsu training, this is a family business that regularly reaches out to their customers and followers to make sure they are providing the best service they can. A tag line on their website states, “Once you have tried our products and experienced the klean feeling, you never use store bought soap again.” To this they are right and I will only use Iron Lion Soap to stay the cleanest I can.
— http://jiujitsuscholar.com/