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Six Pack Of Soap

Choose your Arsenal how you see fit!

Pick 6 bars, in any combination during checkout & if you aren't sure what bars you "need" simply describe your ailments and we will do our best to pick the propper bars for you!

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Liquid Lion

This stuff is commonly referred to as liquid gold by many of our customers.
Iron Lion Liquid Soap is a natural detergent alternative made from earth’s oils. Safe, non toxic multi purpose soap, made with 100% organic plant oils and is GMO and Gluten free.

Certified USDA Organic this soap is sure to keep you klean! Available In: Peppermint | Tea Tree | Sage Lime

Liquid Lion Shower Gel + Castile Wash
Liquid Iron Lion Soap
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1001 + Uses

LAUNDRY: Use About 1/3 Cup Per Load – A Little More For Hard Water. Liquid Lion May Be Neutralized By Detergent Residues In The Machine So Use Enough To Get The Barest Start Of Foam On Top. You May Have To Use A Little Extra The First Time. Best To Mix Into Warm Water Before Adding The Clothes. Great For Hand-Washing Most Silks And Fine Fabrics, Wool And Suede (May Darken). Bleach Compatible.

STAIN REMOVAL: Safe And Effective. Wet Surface And Apply Full Strength. Work Into The Material From Several Directions And Let Sit A Moment. Blot Stain With Cloth Or Towel And Rinse.

CARPETS: Replaces Detergent Concentrates. Works Well In All Carpet Cleaning Machines And On Stains.

GENERAL CLEANING: Fill A Clean Spray Bottle With Warm Water, Add 5% Of Concentrate, Then Spray & Wipe. Great For ALL Water Safe Surfaces. Help Eliminate New Plastic Smell. Safe And Nontoxic For Humans, Plants & Pets.

HANDS & BODY: Use Full Strength Or Dilute Up To 50% With Fresh Towel Or Loofa. Also Maybe Used In Foaming Pump To Extend Liquids Life.
DISHES: Saturate Applicator With Full Strength Castile Soap And Scrub. Add More As Needed. Always Soak Tough Stuff In Soap And Hot Water First To Loosen Debris.
FLOORS: Add 3oz (6 Tbsps) Of Liquid Lion To Mop Water. Clean As Usual, And Allow To Dry.
WALLS & WOODWORK: Dilute 1/4 Cup Per 1 Gallon Of Hot Water. Clean, Rinse And Let Dry.
BATHROOMS: Use Full Strength On Sponge And Rinse. For All Porcelain And Tile Surfaces.
VEHICLES: Saturate Sponge With Liquid Lion. Work Over Vehicle In Sections, Wetting First, Scrubbing And Then Rinsing. Always Wash Vehicles Out Of Direct Sunlight.

8oz Shower Liquid Ingredients: Saponified Organic Coconut, Olive And Jojoba Oils, Essential Oil(s), Rosemary Extract,

8oz Shower Gel Ingredients: Saponified Organic Coconut, Olive And Jojoba Oils, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Guar Gum, Natural Essential Oil Blend, Rosemary Extract, Organic Aloe

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K9 Wash | Pet Shampoo
Liquid K9 Wash

Get Klean & Shiny

No SLS, No Artificial Foamers. Non-Toxic & All Natural.

Made just for our four legged family members! Keep them shiny, itch-free and pest resistance with every wash.
Formulated to be extraordinarily mild, hypoallergenic, and free of petroleum or animal by-products. It meets all USDA Organic Food Standards too!

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Therapeutic Lip Paste

Soothe and heal your lips instantly with this 100% natural lip paste.

A vitamin-rich blend formulated to replenish, soften and hydrate the delicate and sensitive skin of the lips. Formulated with purpose and healing intent.

1oz of Organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Spearmint Essential Oil, Tocopherols Vitamin E

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Soap Tray
Soap Tray

UpCycled Soap Dish

Made with a mix of cherry, maple, ash, hickory, fir, walnut, red oak, beech, African mahogany, sapele, poplar, alder, etc... 

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First Run Limited To 40 Pieces Each | If Neccesarry A Second Made-To-Order Run Will Be Placed March 10th

Rules To Live By
30.00 55.00

This Is How We LIve.

Life is simple, if you allow it to be. With no shortage of self-help books, blogs, and videos of how to become a “better” version of you we decided to strip it all back.

Three simple rules to live by that go a long way when practiced.
Practicing gratitude and being thankful tends to force one to become present and slow down, Give Thanks!
Disappointment, anger and hate are simply the absence of love, don’t lend yourself to these emotions, Show Love!
Don’t let your careless talk put you in a position of remorse, whatever you say, say nothing; Shut Your Mouth.

Hand drawn then digitally converted for a two color hand pulled screen print. The back of this hoodie contains an original drawing from 2015.

  • 8.5 oz., cotton/ polyester blend fleece

  • 80% cotton/ 20% polyester with 100% cotton, 20 singles face yarn

  • Jersey lined hood

  • Split-stitched double-needle sewing on all seams

  • Twill neck tape

  • 1x1 ribbing at cuffs & waistband

  • Metal eyelets

  • Front kangaroo pouch pocket

  • Standard fit

  • Tear away neck label

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Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.25.25 AM.png
Klean Forever
from 30.00

This Is What We Are Made From.

At our very core, Iron Lion Soap is made by and for those who know. None of our ingredients are a secret nor are they hard to come by, everything we use to build our products comes from mother earth!

This full zip hoodie is adorned with a two-color hand pulled screen print built from some of the ingredients we use. Sun Flowers, Olive Branch, Spearmint Leaves, Eucalyptus and more are compiled to build the face of an Iron Lion!
The front has two black on black chest embroideries. With the right chest showcasing the ILS Monogram and the left paying homage to the year we were established, 2008 and a vision of the future, Klean Forever.

  • 8.5 oz., cotton/polyester blend fleece

  • 80% Cotton/ 20% Polyester with 100% cotton 20 singles face yarn

  • Jersey lined hood

  • Split stitch double needle sewing on all seams

  • Twill neck tape

  • 1x1 ribbing at cuffs & waistband

  • Metal eyelets

  • #5 metal kissing zipper

  • Standard fit

  • Tear away neck label

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