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Here at Iron Lion Soap, we handcraft our soaps in small batches. Using nature's finest, most effective elements in the highest quality. When you shower with Iron Lion Soap, you know that you are getting 100% natural suds that are not only good for you but, good for the environment. We handcraft soap that promotes good health.


Healthy skin starts with a healthy mind and being consciously aware of what you are showering with! Handcrafted in California using on the purest ingredients.


Our All Natural Soaps are handmade using The cold process and was created in an era where things were made with care and concern for the end product and its user. Utilizing this method, all of our soaps are crafted paying close attention to the details. Always natural, always handmade in small batches, always klean! 


The ingredients used in our soaps are  the highest quality and are 100% all natural! We will never cut corners or take the easy route, we are proud of the soaps we make and stand behind every bar.

If you shower with Iron Lion Soap you know and can pronounce every ingredient in our bars! From our refined Coconut Oil & Olive Oil all the way to our single origin Essential Oils we use only nature's best. All our ingredients are sustainably sourced and held to the highest standards. Keep it klean with ILS.



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Many products these days are being touted as natural but what does that really mean? When it comes to soap it means using the oldest form of cleanser on the planet. It is a simple product made from combining lye, water, and oils to create a unique bar based on the types of oils used. Real natural soap is good for the body and for the soul. It provides many benefits for the skin which are lacking in the big name commercial bars. The process used to create it allows it to retain all of its natural goodness to ensure it helps you achieve the best possible skin. Iron Lion Soap is happy to help!