I don’t watch TV very much.  In fact we have decided that we were going to limit the amount of television for sake of our son…less TV, more creative play.  But, once our son goes to bed, we do indulge in some TV entertainment to wind down from a busy day.


For the most part I just sit on the couch with my wife and “listen” to her reality shows while I do other things.  Once in a while, I find a show that peaks my interest and I recored the series.  Recently I found a show called The Selection on the History Channel.  In short, the show takes 30 civilians (regular, everyday people) and put them through military special forces training…something like the Navy Seals BUD’s training.  This is a reality show where there is no “prize” for making it through to the end…other than you survived.  You don’t win any money, nothing.  The participants can quit at any time, it’s their choice.  But, after watching the series, I can see why people quit…heck, I probably would have quit after the first hour on the first day…but it’s easy to be the critic sitting on my couch relaxing.

What kept my attention throughout the series was how these people managed to keep pushing themselves through both mental and physical stress, lack of sleep and food and someone yelling at you all day and night.  I found myself wanting them to succeed and get through to the next days events, not wanting them to give up!


The show started out with 30 participants, when the show finished, there were only four left.  The time frame that all of this took place was 7-10 days, maybe less.  Each day, there were taught and tested on a variety of things; from escape and evade to hand to hand combat, having their hands and feet bound in an 8’ deep pool and told to descend to the bottom and touch with their feet and push up to the surface to take a breath…on the descent to the bottom there were instructed to exhale…I’m short of breath just writing this. 


Other events included sitting in a tear gassed room and told to stay in there and take the abuse.  In the end, I was constantly amazed how many of them just pushed their way through each event, watching them gain more confidence as they made it through…realizing that they just accomplished what seemed impossible.


I’m inspired by all of them, it showed me that anything is possible, that it’s more mental than anything.



Wendell WongComment