I have spent more than half of my natural born life in or around the ocean.  I grew up surfing and still surf to this day…over 30 years.


One day, I was having a conversation with a person who didn’t live near the ocean, this person lived in a landlocked state.  So, when he came to Huntington Beach for the first time, the first thing he told me was, “I can’t believe how loud the ocean is?!”  I paused for a moment and had to think of how to reply to his comment.  I have spent so much time in or around the ocean that I never realized that it is very loud…the sound of the wind, water moving and waves crashing on the shore.  I took a moment to try and visualize the sounds he was describing and how easily a person can overlook this if they live or frequent beach areas on a regular basis.


On my next surf at my local break, I took a moment to really listen to the ocean, I could hear everything; the water moving along the sand, wind and the waves crashing on the shore.  I was amazed that I have tuned these sounds out throughout all my years of surfing and being around the ocean.


When my son was born, I made it a point to take him to the beach regularly so that he would not be scared of how loud the ocean is.  Next time you’re at the beach, take a moment to listen, you may be surprised.



Wendell WongComment