Take Root Tuesday

Have you ever considered an all natural birth? I didn't know anything about natural birth until I began this journey with my life partner. Birth always seemed so violent, and scary from what I had seen, but all that changed once I got a glimpse of natural birth. Most people are unaware of these birthing alternatives, and there is no surprise why. My spouse wrote a post regarding her own personal natural birth experience that i'd like to share with the ILS community. Hope you guys enjoy! - Deadhype

I always knew I wanted to have a natural birth. I feel intuitive and trusting in myself as I make educated and informed decisions for myself and my baby. To be honest, in the beginning I thought I was going to change a lot based on what society has taught me about pregnant women. I thought I'd throw up, crave junk food, feel exhausted, gain an overwhelming amount of weight, not be able to lift weights (or exercise much), and be in pain-

That hasn't been the case for me even a little! And it doesn't have to be for you either! With a little education, lifestyle adjustments, and self trust, you can change your destiny and experience the birth your body was created to have gracefully! -

This is my experience so far


Besides not throwing up even once, I eat the same healthy, organic, whole foods I have nourished my body with for years now. I am eating plenty of protein (no preeclampsia here), fruits, vegetables, grains, beans/lentils, superfoods, etc. and drinking at least 80oz of water daily based on what my body desires. You do NOT need to eat for so listen to your body for hunger (and satiety) cues (hormones). -

I am sleeping deeply around 8 hours (with a few attempts to turn on my belly) Meditation has been wonderfully relaxing and helpful with that as well as epsom, baking soda, and lavender baths.


I have been working out lifting THE SAME amount of weight and doing weighted jump squats, running HITT cardio on the stair master, jumping rope, etc. and I feel so wonderful! Yoga has also been relaxing and fun! - I believe every woman has the ability to experience a wonderful, healthy, calm pregnancy and birthing experience! I know it CAN be done and so I CHOOSE to have a positive experience. Whether you are planning your first pregnancy, you've already had a medical birth (or even a c-section), I want you to know that the choice is yours at any time and you can make the decision to have the best, natural experience whenever you desire. 


Manifest the things you desire most and you will bring them to fruition!

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