One day my five year old son decided to take out a drawing pad, he grabbed a pencil and started drawing squiggly lines like he was writing and asked me to join him.  So, I grabbed a pencil and just as I was about to put some squiggly lines on the paper similar to his, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to practice my cursive writing.  At that moment I asked my wife, “Do they still teach cursive writing in school?”  She thought that they no longer teach it as most homework is done on iPads or other electronic instruments.


So, as my son continued is “writing” I started writing short paragraphs about my son in cursive.  Keep in mind that I have not written more than my name in cursive since I was in Junior High School.  To my surprise, I was not as rusty at it as I thought.  After a few sentences, the cursive writing stated to flow and was amazed that I actually remembered how to do this “lost art.”


My son and I continued this exercise each day for a week.  And each time we did, I made it a point to write something about my son, wife or our family.  I sometimes read what I wrote and try to remember to cut those paragraphs out and put them somewhere so my son can not only read what I wrote about our family but to show him that cursive writing is not a lost art.




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