The Blogs Back - Notes From The Den

I grew up listening more than speaking and it's worked in my favor thus far, yet I can't wait to share some thoughts that pass through the doors at The Lion's Den.

Along with periodical writings & notes from myself, you will also receive a dose of vibes from Pappa Lion, our photographer DeadHype, notes from our head of shipping and the occasional guest post. So to officially jump kick the blog back into life, I will leave you with this:

As you go into this week, remember that you can change how you see yourself. You don't have to always be so hard on yourself or your surroundings. It can be easy to overlook the other side of things and just focus on where you are at any given moment. Sometimes it's really healthy to look at the big picture and remember that things are not permanent. Even bad days have a night, weeks have an end and months come to a halt. 
Don't stress yourself out over things you can't change, and if you can change them, change them for the better. Everything in your life has more to it than you can see.

Avi RubinComment