Some Big News

 Since our birth in 2008, Iron Lion Soap has been focused on providing the highest quality bar of soap at an affordable price while maintaining earth conscious packaging and using only sustainable single source ingredients. During this journey, we have always chosen quality over quantity, even if that means absorbing price fluctuations on our end. For the first time ever, the team at ILS has made the choice to raise our price by $1 after hours of deliberation, blood, sweat and tears. Single bars will become $6 each and The Arsenal will become $30. There was no alternative for us, our high standards and attention to detail would not allow for us to change the formulations, or take short cuts. We are committed to providing the best all natural soaps. Sustainable. Klean and Organic are things we won't budge on. Iron Lion Soap is here for the marathon, not the sprint! Good news is, you've got until February 1st to take advantage of our current pricing.

Avi RubinComment