Proud to be a part of this.....


I attended the “Jiu-Jitsu Gathering” recently at Budo Videos. It is an informal group that gets together once every 4-6 weeks to flow roll and talk story. We use the time to share ideas and make connections with one another, accompanied by some light training.

No one tries to prove anything or wants to be king of the mat. Athletes turn up from a variety of academies with no politics or drama. It is a refreshing vibe and nicely organized by our friend Wendell Wong from AOJ, and with the hosting support of Dave @ Budo Videos.

Riccardo Ammendolia from FIVE Grappling was still in town after Mundials and I convinced him to join us by telling him there was free acai. Here he is setting up a Kimura from half guard, showing us the famous “Baleia style” technique. Riccardo also likes turtles.

Sean Maghami from DREAM and Wendell Wong, exchanging tips on armbar defense.

We had a great turnout this session with representatives from Oakley, Budo Videos, Iron Lion Soap, FIVE Grappling, DREAM Tournaments, Kauai Kimonos, plus special guests Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde and Wayne Ashford who dropped in from Cobrinha’s academy.

Me with Riccardo Five, Budo Dave, and Sinistro. Awesome day on the mat at Budo Videos!

At the end of the session there is a small gift raffle, thanks to the hard work of Wendell, the courtesy of the sponsors, and our $10 mat fee donations. I lucked out and unexpectedly won this awesome I LOVE BALI t-shirt and Iron Lion Soap package when my name came up, so stoked!

Shoutouts to Brian and Avi from Iron Lion Soap on the super awesome handmade product. These bars smell fresh and are keeping me “kleen”, definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

Big Thanks to Wendell for organizing and Dave from Budo Videos for supporting! This is the Jiu–Jitsu Gathering people – If you don’t know… now you know. See you guys next month!


Avi Rubin