What is ILS LAbs?

At our very core, we are tinkerers and craftsmen, small batch production is what we do best, Lots of "what if" and "we should try making" happens in The Lions Dens.

Most of these experiments go to family and close friends. Sometimes we drop limited items to our loyal customers but most of the time, we dont. 

Introducing ILS LABS, where we finally bring you the items you have been asking for and the goods we have been wanting to make.


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MOJO Candle


Hands down, no questions asked, our most popular scent is MOJO. A delicately made Madagascar Vanilla infused in a pure water and Oatmeal solution delivers a soft yet sweet scent. Now available outside of your shower, in candle form! Hand poured and dated with precision for a long lasting scent you will enjoy for hours upon hours. 

Non-GMO Soy wax | Cotton Wick | Aluminum Tin w/ Penny Pry Tool. 
20-55 Hours Burn Time | 199 Grams | Labs Item 003

15.99 20.00
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Room Spray
HLP RoomSpray

HLP Room Spray

This all purpose spray was simply a necessity for us. Using another one of our coveted formulas, our fine mist spray works wonders and last forever on fabric. Get rid of pet odors, unpleasant smells and refresh your environment, habitat or body.  Sweet, Musty, Soft but Powerful, this is a great aroma for long summer days.

200+ Sprays | Body. Fabrics. Air. Vehicle | Labs Item 002

Room Spray
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summr sl
Summer SLR

Summer Solid Lotion Rub

Typically reserved for the colder months with "wintery" formulas, we wanted and desperately needed some of this for the summer. Searching and experimenting with different aromas that blend well with heat and natural occurring body oils, we landed on this blend. A steamed Jasmine flower with Plumeria give a subtle and soft scent while maintaining a sweet after tone all while gently balancing with a pure coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, shea butter and sustainabley collected beeswax.

Two One Ounce Containers | Recycled Cardboard Jar | Labs Item xxx

Summer SLR
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Other Goods
Amber Glass Lemongrass Pump Soap
Lemongrass Liquid Lion Gel

An unreleased Lemongrass formulas of our Shower Gel has a strong and clean citrusy smell with a light botanical grass closing scent. Energizing and Invigorating, this is the perfect summer wash.

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Spanish Cedar Soap Tray
Spanish Cedar Soap Tray
2.00 5.00

Harvested in the Pacific Northwest, this sustainably harvested Spanish Cedar is grown in abundance throughout the wet region.

Highly rot and decay resistant, and varies significantly in color from white, to creamy caramel, to cherry red and dark chocolaty brown. No two trays are alike!

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Unbleached Wash Rag 100% Cotton
Embroidered 100% Unbleached Cotton Wash Rag

We’ve been told this is the “best wash cloth ever” by multiple friends, and a handful of customers. Embroidered with our Iron Lion Soap signature graphic, this rag is perfect for in the shower or on the go.

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