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Natural and organic, hand-crafted bar soaps, lotions and more

Iron Lion Soap

Handmade In Small Batches From All-Natural, Organic Ingredients
Men | Women | Babies & Pets

When you inquire about Iron Lion, or order a bar you see the authenticity and passion in our soaps. We bring a desire for a movement, an intensity to the pursuit of a klean life, a dedication to a healthy body and mind beyond the conventional.

Each one of our boxes has a real stamp placed on it by the ILS family for proof of authenticity. No machines, automation or factories during any stage! 

Before your bar of Iron Lion Soap leaves our global headquarters we inspect, stamp and pack each one with care and attention to detail. No two boxes are alike but once you pop the flap, you can expect a high quality bar of soap time after time. 

Sure, most of these pillow boxes end up in the trash therefore we're proud to use recycled paper. Let's be honest, we all know it is what's inside that matters!

We use the soap we make. So do our friends, coworkers, gym buddies, moms, dads, brothers and sisters along with their friends & so on & so on. 

Our obsession began when we searched high and low for an honest, natural, high-quality bar of soap but the hunt ended quickly when nothing on the market met our needs or standards. Fast forward nearly 10 years, and Iron Lion Soap is still here providing you with acne eliminating, skin clearing, moisturizing products made with care and attention to detail. 

Experience klean like no other and come shower with us! 


The Soap-Scription

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