Paramount Klean

Paramount Klean

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There isn't a better way to stay klean!


Our paramount quality soaps not only deserve to be on your skin but, you should be proud of rocking with Iron Lion Soap. 


This collection was made to ensure all your klean needs are covered. Extremely limited to only 20 units, this kit includes:

  • A minimally stamped Birch Wood Box to hold up to seven ILS bars.

  • Reclaimed Wood Soap Tray to keep your suds dry.

  • Unbleached Rag with water based ink screen print

  • Five random ILS Bars, including elusive & unreleased formulas. 



Buy Separately 

$3 Shop Rag 
$5 Soap Dish
$5 Soap Box 
$35 Six Bars Of Soap
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~ Lets Get Klean ~