Care Crate

Care Crate

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8oz Liquid Lion | 3 Full Size Bars | 4 Petite Bars | Solid Lotion Rub | Lip Paste | Soapirie Sachet

Carefully curated, we built these boxes with momma in mind! From the moment this box arrives till the very last drop of liquid, this is the complete klean experience.

  • Our timeless and multiuse Peppermint Liquid Lion in a reusable glass pump, exclusive to this crate.

Great For: Face Tightening - Reducing Oil Production - Full Body Wash - Essential Oil Vitality

  • A custom mothers day blend of Rose Essential Oil Soap, paired with two minis of our OneOne7.

Helpful With: Softening Skin - Invigorating Blood Flow - Antibacterial - Acne Eliminating - Eczema Calming

  • Three full-size Iron Lion Soap bars picked by team klean.

Good At: Rehydrating Skin - Replenishing Nutrients - Effectively Kleaning - Aromatherapy

  • Two half ounce Solid Lotion Rub jars.

Use It On: Cracked Knuckles - Dry Patches - Psriosas - Itchy Skin

  • One ounce slide tin Lip Paste.

Great For: Chapped Lips - Sun Beaten Lips - Long Outdoor Exposure

  • Small Plumeria Gardenia Sachet Soapirie

Use it in: Gym Bag- Car Airfreshner - Dresser Drawer - Office Desk

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