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Real Klean Candle

Non-GMO Soy wax | Cotton Wick | Aluminum Tin w/ Penny Pry Tool.

Its the small things that matter, right? On our journey to using cleaner, and safer products with a purpose we decided that the candles we burn should be KLEAN too! The first round of our candles sold out in 30 minutes, the next batch we doubled production and sold out in 18 minutes…Its safe to say that these ILS Candles are well received.

Introducing a truly amazing aromatic experience outside of your shower.

A true variation of the ever popular nag champa scent profile. We reversed this blend and recreated it using nature’s finest aromas: Juniper, Patchouli, Vanilla, Rose, Geranium and Jasmine.

Vanilla Oatmeal : MOJO
A delicately made Madagascar Vanilla infused in a pure distilled water and Oatmeal solution delivers a soft yet sweet scent. Hand poured and dated with precision for a long lasting scent you will enjoy for hours upon hours.

20-55 Hours Burn Time | 113 Grams | Labs Item 003 + 004

Aromatic Experience:
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