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25% off the arsenal

25% Off The Arsenal

Want in on our freshest batch of suds? Here is your chance to score twenty five percent off The Arsenal. Thats 6 bars for less than $5 per bar!
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Soap Arsenal

1/2 Gallon Jugs

Need a refill on your Liquid Lion? Introducing our brand new USDA Certified Organic formulas for your favorite ILS liquid. Only two of each available in this limited 64oz glass jug. Ideal for pump refills, laundry detergent, dish soap, toy and surface disinfectant and much more. Safe on practically all surfaces, non-toxic, antibacterial and antifungal.

Peppermint Liquid Lion Castile Soap| Tea Tree Liquid Lion Castile Soap

1/2 Gallon Glass Jug
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64 oZ

8 oz Glass Amber Pumps

Brand new Liquid Lion formulas using 100% USDA Certified Organic material. Presenting a curios blend of sweet Lavender, a fungus and bacterial killing Tea Tree and of course the wildly popular Peppermint. These 8oz glass pumps look great at the kitchen sink or in the shower alongside some of our bars.

Upcycleable Glass Bottle |Extremely Limited “Final Sample” Batch | Lavender, Tea Tree or Peppermint

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Honey Musk

Honey Musk Bar Soap

A vibrant blend of robust amber honey harvested from Yosemite, Sandalwood, and a Musk derived from the musk mallow plant with a bright note of subtle citrus. Crushed Apricot Seed, Parsley Powder and Turmeric Powder are included to balance the blend. Excellent for those seeking something that isn't floral or sweet.

Honey Musk Bar
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Orange Hibiscus

Orange Hibiscus Bar

Highlighting an Orange County grown Hibiscus flower and an exotic Orange Citrus essential oil blend that is primed with Olive Oil and USA grown Aloe Vera. Extremely moisturizing bar of soap!

Orange Hibiscus
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Mini Stack

Mini Stack

Like surprises? Trust the ILS team? Snag 6 small pieces of soap for only $5 and have your chance to check out some formulas we have been working on. Crazy concoctions like Agave Berry and Spirulina or Plumeria Jasmine. We even have a few of our “Shampoo” concept bars with a unique essential oil blend, castor oil and rosemary.

Mini Stack
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